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Las Vegas Asian Community Calendar

12-13-2014 Cultural Fashion Show Pictures (Members Only)

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum's December to Remember
Cultural Fashion Show Dec. 13, 2014 11:00 am
As Bonus, renowned Chinese national treasure Tie Tao Pea will unveil his newest sculpture during the event! Bring your kids.

Free Fruit Carving class is Now Open! Free Taiji, 5 Element Class coming soon!

12-05-2014 Christmas Toy Drive Pictures

11-22-2014 Thanksgiving Turkey Distribution Day Pictures (AAG Partners with Downtown Metro)

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(Personal Thanks to Senator Harry Reid and staff for your help! Henry Hua)
(Thanks! Congressman Joe Heck and all of our friends for participated in 2014 CAG Photography Contest)

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中華文化愛好者出任華亞大使, 任務: 願與主流政要分享
優良中華文化 (100)… 請找會長親自面談.

馮念祖 Cavin Fung


Home About CAG 華亞協會宗旨 Member Ethics 1 2 3 會員倫理 1 2 3

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